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Important Notice:
Notice: The new backyard bunker is made of a 10' diameter corrugated pipe and is 20' long. The interior is just a plain floor but the shelter does include the Swiss-made air filtration system with the manual overide crank and also includes a bullet proof blast door.
Our BACKYARD BUNKER starting at $35,900 is the most affordable underground shelter with an air filtration system on the market.

The 20' Backyard Bunker $35,900
The following photos illustrate how we build a 20' x 9' 6" oversized shipping container into an underground survival shelter. First, we flip the container upside-down so the wooden floors become the ceiling, then we remove the car carrier from inside. Next, we weld in angle irons to hold the floor supports, then we install the wooden floors with the center boards removable so you can store provisions under the floor. Next, we add in the 1/4" steel bulkhead and hinge the door. Next, we paint the interiors and start bringing in the counters and install the bunk beds. Next, we wire the shelter for 12 volt AC/DC then install the ceiling lights and electrical outlets. When finished this particular shelter will have 24" of storage under the floor which is huge compared to the storage under the pipe shelters. When this shelter is finally done, it will have painted walls, linoleum floors, storage under the beds and floors and feel more like a New York apartment than a bomb shelter.

We will be glad to sell you a shelter wired with air and no interior
Once we get to this point here, you can select your own counter top colors and your flooring and decide your sleeping arrangements and if you would like a refrigerator, couch, flat screen tv,, etc.

This is our STANDARD INTERIOR FINISH. White paint, lineloum floors, double bunk beds and counter tops.

This is our MAPLE AND PAINT INTERIOR. White paint, lineloum floors, double bunk beds, maple cabinets with formica counter tops. Size Shown is our stock 24' 6" starting at $59,900

This is our upgraded SPORTSMAN finish with stained red oak and leather couch.

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