Features in our shelters

ANDAIR VA-150 - 88 CFM

Over Pressure Blast Valve

Standard Features:
-Entry Hatch with 48" inch pipe w/ 90° elbow turns
-Emergency Escape Hatch hidden underground
-Laser cut materials
-Bunk Beds with under-the-lid storage
-Removal floor boards w/ under floor storage
-Storage area - under floor
-Counter tops
-Kitchen / Sink
-3/8" Bulkhead Plates
-Galvanized Corrugated Pipe
-3/4" Furniture Grade Plywood Floors
-ANDAIR Swiss-made air filtration systems
-Blast valves
-Epoxy Paint on Exterior
-AC/DC Power Wiring
-Low voltage electric lights
-Electrical outlets
-6" air intake pipe
-Toilet Room

-Flat Screen TV
-Radiation Detectors
-Short wave Radios
-Camera Surveillance
-Gel cell recharchable batteries
-Solar Panels
-Private Head in some cases
-300 - 5,000 gallon water tanks
-100-500 gallon fuel storage tanks
-Solar-powered water well
-DVD player
-Power-generating exercise bicycle
-Red oak cabinets and beds
-Stained wood finishes
-Restroom facility
-Chemical Toilet
-Electric Toilet with holding tank

AC Selector Switch

Attached 10' Mud Room - Mud Room - Generator Room - Trash Room - Dog Kennel

Our standard blast hatch that serves as your main entrance

The staircase descends at a 30 degree angle to deflect gamma radiation

CEV Hatch Boulder

Concealed Escape Hatch

This is the air system our competition uses. It is very light-duty and almost impossible to operate manually unlike our Swiss-made air system.

Solar-powered water well

250-watt camouflage solar panel from Colored Solar

1250 gallon polyethylene water tank

2500 gallon polyethylene water tank

Electric Toilet

Under-floor piping

Emergency 12 volt LED lights

Interior Door that locks down

Interior Door Latch

Removable Center-boards for under-floor storage

Kitchen Cabinet with microwave and refrigerator

Kitchen Cabinet with sink

Pressurized running water

Customized Dresser Drawer with mirror

Artificial Rocks

Artificial Boulder to conceal your air ventilation

Artificial Tree to conceal your air ventilation

190 amp 6 volt gel cell batteries with invertor

Under Floor Plumbing

Water making device

Dought Master "Big Dipper"

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